Our school newsletter is available on Compass


 Parent payments are sent out in November each year for the following school year.

The school offers several payment options including

Credit Card, Cash , BPay, Compass transfer and payment plans

Parents can organise payment plans by contacting the school to arrange a time to speak to the Business Manager, Corrine Humphrey



Please contact the main office for more information regarding school uniforms.




$10 Each

Available from the Office

Sizes – Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large


Chandler Park Canteen is now offering the option to order lunches online using the Bocca Foods website. Lunch Orders are available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s.


Our school has partnered with an independent provider TheirCare to provide Before, After Care and Holiday Care services to our school community.

The program services the children in the school from 7:00am in the morning until 8.45am and operates from 3:30pm each day until 6:00pm. During school holidays the service will operate from 7:00am until 6:00pm. Families wishing to use this service can visit the TheirCare website: Families are also eligible for a Government rebate which reduces the cost per session. Further information can also be obtained by contacting the school or ringing TheirCare on: 1300 072 410.

TheirCare provides a stimulating and safe environment for all children and an environment where children from and enjoy their time in their program. During sessions children develop life skillsfriendshipsconfidence and creativity through play.

School Council

School Members

Jo Hillman

Linda Keech
Staff Member

Ainslie Waters
Staff Member


Council Composition

2021 School Council AGM

Community Members

Betty Alexander
President / Parent Member

Kerri Stokes

Nexjihe Sulemanokski

Cristell Borillo

Mark Harrington

Chantelle Presichetti

Jaye McCann

Community Member

School Councils have three main responsibilities

  • Finance – approving the annual budget and ensuring proper records are kept for the school’s financial operation.
  • Strategic Planning – participating in the development and monitoring of the school strategic plan.
  • Policy Development and Review – developing, monitoring, reviewing and updating policies that reflect a school’s values and support the school’s broad direction outlined in its strategic plan.


Other key functions of school councils include

  • Raising funds for school-related purposes
  • Maintaining school grounds and facilities
  • Entering into contracts
  • Reporting annually to the school community and the Department
  • Representing and taking the views of the community into account
  • Regulating and facilitating after-hours use of school premises and grounds
  • Creating interest in the school within the community


What school council does not do

  • Does not manage the day to day running of the school
  • Does not discuss individual issues relating to teachers, staff of parents
  • Not appointed to represent specific interests groups or permit special interests to dominate agenda of the council
  • Not allowed to purchase buildings, land or motor vehicles, and it cannot enter hire purchase agreements or obtain credit or loans, unless given permission by the minister

(Reference: Department of Education and Training DET)

Please contact School council president Betty Alexander if you need to discuss school council matters


Please contact the office if you’e like to volunteer and help out with future fundraising events.